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turtleyurtle1 posting in By The Fountain - a Jin and Zuko shipper community
User: jin_zuko (posted by turtleyurtle1)
Date: 2008-11-25 18:26
Subject: Hou Tian [Online Roleplay]
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The basic story is that this takes place six years after the finale, with three groups emerging in the new world; The first is The Dawn (Aang's group and supporters-including Zuko), the second is The Original People of the Flame (A group funded by Fire Nation Nobles unhappy with Zuko's reign, and desperate to return the Fire Nation to its 'Former Glory'), and the Jade Shark (A group run by Jet- who did survive, but barely- that's mission is to eradicate the world of the source of the wars- benders.)

We're currently looking for some people to fill up major slots within the roleplay- AND THAT INCLUDES JET.
(We really, really need a new Jet.)
We also need some major positions within Zuko's palace filled, and we also NEED a head of the Original People of the Flame to play. (We also need Cheif Arnook, and King Kuei, as well as several major posts within the Jade Shark.)

For More Details click here


(Ps. We don't have a Jin either, and I'd love to see one.)
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