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All Righty! - By The Fountain
A Jin and Zuko shipper community

5_92_am posting in By The Fountain - a Jin and Zuko shipper community
User: jin_zuko (posted by 5_92_am)
Date: 2008-09-20 20:24
Subject: All Righty!
Security: Public
             Hi, I' m new here obviously so I thought I'd just introduce myself to be polite.
I'm threehoursofsleep, or 5_92_AM you can call me Qmanda. (yes, the Q is intentional)
I love this pairing, have for about a year or so now, what I've been looking for is Jin meeting Zuko after the Avatar Season finale, even if it doesn't turn out to work for the pairing, I'd like to know quite honestly how she'd react to the situation. My primary goal in all my jinko writing is the characterization of Jin. Yes, very little to work with, but I find her fascinating, don't you?

Anyway, we'll see what I post up here for you guys. And I'll be keeping an eye out on what shows up here! ;)

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